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Give Miami Day! Volunteers – One reason the Soup Kitchen is successful in feeding so many with so little, is because of the many dedicated volunteers. These volunteers help cook, prepare and serve the food and include local churches, civic organizations, as well as individuals.

If you can volunteer let us know !

Needs –  We welcome your gifts to help with our needs. We can accept cash or donations goods and services.

If you can give, let us know !

While the Soup Kitchen is the beneficiary of many generous in-kind donations, in the form of goods and services, there is still a significant amount of ongoing expenses. These expenses include:

  • utilities
  • insurance
  • licenses
  • cleaning
  • cleaning supplies
  • maintenance
  • food
  • cooking utensils
  • plates and silverware
  • napkins
  • chairs & tables

Soup Kitchen needs financial assistance in meeting its monthly budget of $4,000+.


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